details matter

In the process of designing any building, there are hundreds of decisions to be made regarding general construction, details and finishes. The possible combinations number in the billions (its true, the math is scary). The selection process alone can be extremely difficult to track and manage without some experience. We will assist you in the selection of every component of your house. Even if you already know what you want, it is important that your choices are effectively communicated to the builder, the banker, and everyone else involved in the process of creating your home. Not every surprise is a welcome event. We seek to minimize the unpleasant surprises that are normally involved in custom home construction.


At Ruki Modern, we know that design does not stop with a floor plan. We know that details matter. Thorough design is not an "upgrade", it is a requirement. Whether stairs, fireplaces, special built-in components, landscape elements, or even assistance in selection and installation details of materials, finishes and fixtures, Ruki Modern provides the necessary information to ensure a unique, high quality finished product.




There are several steps involved to create even the simplest dwelling.