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Ruki Modern Homes


We are Ruki Modern, a residential and commercial design studio based in Moorhead, Minnesota.

Brent Behm, the founding partner, is the principal designer and fabricator for RUKI Modern. He has over 20 years of experience in various design and fabrication disciplines, including architecture, interior design, furniture, and cabinetry as well as graphic arts.


Originally a native of the northern plains, Brent spent 15+ years in the south and the southwest United States, working on a wide variety of projects in two of the largest urban areas in the country. His early work focused on luxury residential design in Phoenix, Arizona. The search for new opportunities led to a position in a large multi-national architecture and engineering firm where his efforts were directed at commercial planning, interior architecture, and adaptive reuse projects.

Ruki Modern was born out of a desire to promote the idea that good design matters. Our mission is to improve the quality of the built environment and provide unique solutions for all types of structures throughout a wide range of contexts.


Though the current work of the Ruki Modern team centers on residential design, we are also involved in projects ranging from design and fabrication of furniture pieces to commercial planning and design, and the development of urban-scale solutions.

We consider our clients as partners in our process. Every client has unique patterns, lifestyles, thoughts, and aspirations. We believe that all of these factors inform the process and the design. We believe that responsible design can and should dramatically improve our everyday existence; enhancing the positive aspects of our lives and minimizing the negative. Engaging the senses with thoughtful use of materials, developing unique forms, and crafting appropriate responses to local elements and the environment are all part of our approach to design.

At Ruki Modern, we believe that all buildings can be great buildings. We believe that design matters and that modern design is within the reach of everyone considering the creation of any type of project; homes, workplaces, even neighborhoods.


Brent Behm, Founder
Marina Behm, Co-Owner
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