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Ruki Modern offers several service levels and types for a wide array of clients. Though we specialize in designing custom homes, we can also assist in various commercial and land-use planning projects, commercial interiors, and construction document services for contractors and developers.

We utilize a diverse range of means and methods and a variety of advanced software platforms to provide highly accurate and thorough drawings, documentation, and 3D digital modeling services. 

full service design

From initial conceptual design, preparation of construction documents, all the way through construction administration and advocacy, Ruki Modern will assist you in every aspect of the process.

design consultation

Knowledge is power. Call Ruki Modern. We are here to help you every step of the way; from lot selection to design to construction management. 


During your initial consultation, we will assist you in finding useful information for planning your project that is specific to this region. Design considerations, codes, and construction methods vary by region and what is required in another part of the country may not make sense here. 

Please contact us for an initial consultation. This consultation is a free service. 

project feasibility & program development

So, you have been dreaming and scheming about your ideal home. You have a massive collection of images that you want to bring to life. Or, on the other hand, you have no idea where to start.

The Ruki Modern team will guide you through the basics of the process. Together, we can arrive at a design approach that works for your lifestyle, taste and budget.


We understand that the processes involved in the creation of a custom home represent a substantial commitment. Maybe you are not 100% certain about your needs and wants, maybe you need some assistance with securing financing or you need some professional opinions about what is possible within your budget. Whatever your need, Ruki Modern can provide you with a low-commitment service that can answer specific questions about your project, your site, or create some sketches and diagrams to show you the possibilities allowed by your budget.

construction administration & advocacy

In most instances when a designer is enlisted for service, that designer also takes on the role of client advocate and often works as construction administrator.


In a way, design continues through construction. Clients often have questions even after the design is complete. Sometimes the contractor will suggest substitutions, building sites can reveal unknown problems when the digging begins, or perhaps financial situations change during the process.

We will be at your side throughout every step of the process to guide you through the various inevitable complexities inherent in the custom building process.

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